May 1, 2018
Debbie: I had wonderful experience this weekend. I had a Reiki session with Heather Maria. I have issues with my back and left leg and foot. I could feel the energy flowing into my body as she just held her hands above my body. It caused a tingling energy sensation. I was laying face down so I couldn’t see her hands and yet I always knew the area of my body she was holding her hands over. I confirmed with her by asking her if her hands were by my lower back or upper back, legs etc. I felt it flow through my lower back and then down my legs into my feet. Then my upper back too as she must have been directing the energy in my upper body. The tingling felt like the nerves in my body were waking up like waking up from a heavy sleep and feeling the light and love around me. I was very relaxed afterward and the tingling continued in my legs for quite a while afterward. It was a very pleasant feeling. I plan on going back for more sessions and highly recommend Heather Maria.

July 19, 2018
Jill: I purchased the Spiritual Package/Report from Heather, and it was so telling and helpful! As I was reading it, I kept saying “yep, that’s me!” It gave me permission to fully lean into my true self and soar. This report is something I will refer to time and time again. Thank you so much, Heather! xoxo

October 7, 2019
Cheryl: Very thorough and informative! Thank you for your insights and the time you took to explain everything in detail!

October 22, 2019
Joia: Heather did a distant Reiki session for me and it was very peaceful. A message came through for me and lots of inspiration and developments in my business happened over the next week. Thank you Heather! ❤

March 1, 2020
Karen: Heather is an exceptional photographer who captures the beauty of her subjects through a highly artistic perspective. Sensitivity to her surroundings, especially nature, is enhanced by a deep spirituality. This psycho-spiritual depth is reflected in her photos and creative poetry that often accompanies them. It is no surprise she has won so many photography contests. Her works never fail to inspire and project a woman of wisdom beyond her years. Karen E. Owens

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