Tarot & Divine Alchemy

Messages and photos for each reading will be sent via email.  If interested in a one on one session via zoom, please add $30 to the purchase of the reading:  THIS IS IN ADDITION TO THE PRICE OF THE READING.  

Zoom Session 1 hour or less for the Tarot reading.

Each tarot reading is written and sent. If you prefer clarity one on one in person via zoom please add this In Addition to the purchased reading and schedule a time personally with me. I am in Central Time Zone.


Tarot General and Clarity Reading

Messages and photos sent via email. Please fill out the form on this page. If you have any questions at that time that you would like the reading to address, feel free to comment.


Influence of the Angels Tarot 5 card Reading

Messages and cards sent via email.


Ask Your Guides with the Goddess Tara

3 Card Reading The Goddess Tara brings clarity through the knowledge of your guides. Your guides are your friends. They hear you best, and they always have messages for you.


Coffee with Isis and Metatron

One card Tarot Card Reading with this special deck. The Goddess Isis is predominantly known for her time Egypt. Egypt provided us with a wealth of information and now the Goddess Isis and Archangel Metatron are here to assist you with that same knowledge.


5 Cards, What you need to right now from Mother Mary


30 days of emailed inspirational messages from the Blessed Mother Mary


The Wisdom of the Saints and Mystics One Year Ahead

12 months of personalized guidance, messages, and suggestions. Photos of the Cards and Messages sent via email.


Goddess Wisdom one year ahead

12 months of personalized guidance, messages and suggestions. Photos of cards and messages emailed.


One Card Oracle Reading and Channeled Messages


3 Card Oracle Reading and Channeled Messages


5 Card Oracle Reading and Channeled Messages

Please leave a comment if there is something you would like me to address during the reading. All readings written and sent via email including photos typically within 1-3 days.


Ancient Gemstone Reading

Send your birthdate with your purchase and I will send you a list of gemstones that are specific to you and your birth right, along with detailed information for their use as well as channeled information. Or you can submit a specific question or subject matter and I can do a reading for you detailing information on which gemstones will assist you, along with any channeled messages and information. Gemstones contain ancient healing properties. They assist in a variety of ways. They easily communicate with our physical consciousness. As well as connect with us mind, body, spirit and soul. Their ancient, natural and holistic abilities allow us divine inspiration as well as to allow us to heal mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.


Special 7 Card Past Life Tarot Reading (special limited price)

This reading will reveal information you might not have known about yourself, or it may confirm what you do know but perhaps have not accepted yet or remembered. Readings are written and sent via email. Please make sure I have your email address when ordering.


Empath Tarot Card Reading (special limited price)

This reading offers guidance on being an Empath, what you need to know, what is affecting you, and what you can do about it. Do you feel like you might be an empath but aren’t sure, or don’t know what to do with it? Or do you have a child who might be empathic or an empath but aren’t sure or would like guidance? This provides answers. Readings are written and sent via email. Please make sure I have your email address when ordering.


Healing Trauma Accepting and Letting Go Tarot Spread

Trauma, how to heal and move past it. What trauma am I carrying, how is it affecting me, what can I do to move past it. Readings sent via email.


A Paradigm Shift For Twin Souls : A Unique Experience

A Paradigm Shift can make all the difference, whether is be for Yourself, Your Twin, or Both.  Twin souls : Twin Flames A Unique Healing Experience at a Distance Using Reiki and Alchemy. Messages from the session will be emailed following the completion. Any specific concerns may be mentioned in the comments of the contact form. Completed within 1-3 days from purchase


  • Many services throughout this site can be combined to create a clearer path to what your needs are.

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