Right now I am offering a spiritual package.

Using your name and birthdate I will send you a written communication that includes all your astrology signs which will be interpreted according to your chart using my highly skilled intuition.

This will include inspirational advice according to my vision.

It will also include your Life Path number with information.

I will pick a card for you from one of the decks I have.

I will also list a specific color, gemstone and sacred word for you.

These can all be used in meditation to invoke healing in turn allowing you to focus on a better future creating your destiny.

This will all be infused with my Reiki healing light which I send to you to have a higher form of understanding.

The cost of this investment is $110 payable using Paypal

Please Email your

Full Name


and Time of Birth if you know it


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Additional services I offer:

Tarot card readings from one of 5 mystical decks.

Crystal Angels Oracle Cards

Arch Angel Oracle Cards

Magical Messages from the Fairies

Saints and Angles Oracle Cards

Or my own Angel Deck not available anywhere else.

Please send me an email with your name and basic question or subject along with your choice of deck cards you would prefer for me to use, or allow me to choose one based on my intuition.

Costs are as follows

One Card $15

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Three Cards $ 32

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Five Card $ 40

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I have ideas for branding my own type of inspirational cards decks.  Soon you will have more options to choose from.

Chakra Healing Service

I will my use highly attuned skills to clear, clean, heal and recharge all your Chakras in turn allowing the energy to flow dynamically.

Cost for this $35

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