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As a Reiki Master I offer in person Reiki healing sessions as well as tuning fork vibrational healing and crystal healing.  At this time my practice is based in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I charge $70 for a one hour session.  At the end you will receive a small gift.  Please plan on allowing for approximately and hour and a half especially during the first visit as I would need you to fill out a couple intake sheets and would like to go over any issues you may want to focus on during the session.

Reiki is basically Life Force Energy.  It works in many ways and goes to where it needs to go.  It is helpful however to have a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner who is also very intuitive and can easily connect with your energy and the assistance of the above Divine and Universe.

Reiki is healing to the mind, body, spirit and soul.  It heals mentally, emotionally and physically.  It eliminates what does not need to be there and works to regenerate you where it is needed.  In turn you feel lighter, more energetic, and full of life.

During the Reiki session you lie fully clothed, shoes off, on a massage table eyes closed.  I have you listen to relaxing music as you relax and allow the energy to flow to where it needs to.  I hold my hands above your body as well as a hands on light touch as I am guided.  There are certain areas of the body that are concentrated on from the crown of the head down to the bottom of the feet.  Focus tends to go to chakra areas but also focuses on any localized pain or other areas in need.  Most people lie face up on the table however face down is an option as well depending on what area (s) you most need worked on and how you feel most comfortable.  That is the most important part for me, to make you comfortable so never be afraid to voice your questions, thoughts or concerns to me before, during or after so that you can have the best session possible.

I love to use gemstones and crystals during sessions.  I gently place them on your body or may ask you to hold one.  They hold many physical properties that greatly assist in healing and opening up.

I am implementing the use of tuning forks as well.  Right now I use the OM one but will be adding more.  I also use the fork with crystals especially for chakra points.  And again it goes to your preference.  It may be the fork alone, with the aid of crystals as needed or a whole chakra & body rebalance session with the use of crystals on each chakra.  Typically this consists of 30min while you lie on your back and 30 min while you lie on you stomach.

For more information and to schedule an appointment please contact me via email. 


As a Reiki Master I also offer Distant Healing.  It can work just as well to assist you.

$35 for a half hour session or $70 for one hour.  I have a complete routine as to how I do it.  It can be helpful to have your full name and even a photo of you if you choose to send one.  It helps to better connect with your energy.  If interested please contact me via email as listed above.  I take payment via Paypal which uses the mail above to pay me or I can send you an invoice via email to pay.  I also use Venmo.

Keep in mind Reiki is not just for humans, it is for animals as well.  I can work with their issues and send healing to them in a healing session just like all of us.

Also to note.  If you have anyone in pallative care or hospice that is getting ready to transition over Reiki helps them to do so.  It aids in comfort and assists them with letting go of anything they are hanging on to in order to make a smooth transition.  I have seen many family members struggle with this as they watch their loved one struggle and have the concerns about them crossing over with ease.  It can be a difficult time in ones life.  Reiki assist with their mind, body, spirit and soul.  You can order a session on their behalf to support them in their journey and to ease your mind.

With all Distant Reiki we can set up a time that works for both of us so that you can be in a quite space while I work, however I can send it to you at any time of the day.  It’s your preference.  And if due to time differences, I can also send it to you as you sleep.  I am located in Central Standard Time CST.

Heather Maria

“Reiki is the greatest secret in the science of energetic.” – Madam Hawayo Takata

Reiki Master

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