Spiritual Package Divine Purpose

Many people do not know their Divine Purpose or what is in their soul.

In this special spiritual package, I offer, inspiration, insight and an explanation.

Do you ever feel stuck? Ever wonder about your birth right or why you were born? If you need answers, inspiration and encouragement it comes from the Divine.  Everyone is here upon this earth for a reason.

This information explains who you are under the stars.  It provides assistance in knowing who you are mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. That knowledge allows you to make better decisions in your natural life.
Astrology helps us to understand only when we are provided with the true, correct and accurate information.
My messages are detailed specifically to you personally.

Using your Full Name, Birthdate, place of Birth and Time of Birth, I will send you a written report that includes all of your astrology signs which will be interpreted according to your chart using highly skilled intuition as well as channeled messages from The Divine including your Higher Self and your Soul.
There will be detailed information along with each astrology sign as well as an overall outlook interpreting everything as a whole.

Also included will be
Your Life Path along with detailed information.
One Oracle Card guided specifically for you.
A sacred color, gemstone and word.

All of the information provided may all be used in meditation to invoke healing in turn allowing you to focus on a better future creating your destiny.

This written report will all be infused with my Reiki healing light which I send to you to have a higher form of understanding.

This allows you to read and re read the messages as needed as well as the opportunity to journal upon what it says, providing more clarity for yourself.

I share my internal wisdom, knowledge and telepathic messages.
We are all meant to remember who we truly are.
Knowing that inspire us to really live.
It is a reminder that we do not need to struggle.
It is a reminder that we are here to make a difference.

This package helps to explain your life and inspire you to live the life you were always meant to live.

I have 32 years of experience

If you have specific concerns about your life or questions, please feel free to let me know when you make the purchase.  (not all questions are able to be answered)

* all personal information is personal and kept private

Cost $165.00

payable via paypal

invoice also available, please send and email first

With your purchase please send me your Email, your Full Name, Birthdate, and Time of Birth if you know it and place of birth (City, State, Country) for a more accurate reading.

I will send you the report to the email address you supply.

A detailed Numerology Report can also be added to this package for a discount of $44.

If you would like to include other services, a special detailed personalized package can be created to meet your needs.

Numerology Report

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