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Heather Maria is a Spiritual and Holistic Wellness Coach as well as a High Priestess, Shaman, Reiki Master, Divine Feminine Author, Writer, Poetess, Photographer, Creator of Divine Holistic Care Products and packages and soon to be Published Children’s Author.  Her energy work and divine guidance creates balance for the world.  She works specifically with the mind, body, spirit and soul.  Her sacred connection to the Divine allows for deep insights.  She believes in whole health, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Intuitively gifted since birth, she is a natural healer who teaches about life and all the possibilities within. Within that, she encourages and inspires others to lead the life they were always meant to live and lead a happier healthier life.  Her healing art touches lives across the world. 

More about me and my life:

At the age of five I realized I was different.  In 1979 I began to noticed I didn’t fit into much of this world and the way it was .  I had a deep passion for this earth, everyone and everything around me.  I didn’t agree with many of society’s viewpoints, which has lead me to where I am today.  Since a young age I chose to share my wisdom.  I loved to write from the time I was able.  I spent a lot of time with my grandparents.  At the age of seven, my grandfather gave me a camera.  Being Taurus and a born creative, I enjoyed capturing every moment in time, from nature to people.  My grandmother was an inspiration and a wise woman.  She had always believed in me, my wisdom and my abilities, as did my mother.  Through them I was given the freedom to be myself.  Most of my school life I was at the top of my class.  I not only used my intelligence but my common sense and intuition.  At the end of eighth grade I graduated valedictorian.  It was my first time writing and giving a speech in public.  As I joined high school I was honored to be asked to work in the school library and to mentor other children.  This in turn led to a position at my local city library where I worked after school and during weekend.  At the age of fourteen I was able to receive a permit to do so.  During this time I continued to read, to write and inspire others as well as doing tons of research.  In 1992 I graduated with honors.  It was a different time then.  My grandfather was diagnosed with cancer in 1991 and passed away January of 1992, the year I was to graduate.  After graduation I chose not to go into the corporate world and instead stay with my grandmother, to support her and show her the love she showed me.  I chose to being my journey as an entrepreneur by becoming the owner of a personalized professional cleaning service.  It was part of what I chose to do to help the world while still having time with my grandmother.

The next 28 years from 1992 have been pivotal in my journey.  I did a huge amount of research on everything important to me.  Holistic Wellness and Humanity being the most important part.  Being a caretaker for my grandmother was a eye opening experience.  It led me to communicate with people who I might not otherwise communicated with.  For 21 years I went to numerous doctors and medical facilities with her while she endured high blood pressure, high cholesterol, emphysema, copd, breast cancer (which she recovered from) angioplasty (many operations) and eventually dementia which led to anxiety and depression.  Through it all she had her family and her humor.  In the end it was the copd/emphysema that could not withstand the pneumonia she developed.  I believe it was her time to go.  She passed away in February of 2013.  Her birthday was in December of 2012 and that January she told me mother that she would not live to see her next one.  She was intuitive, kind and generous.  Being with her allowed me to learn and created experiences.  Through it all I still held onto my holistic values, however during that time I realized how much I did not take care of myself in the way I should have.  I kept a positive mind but did not support my body well, nor did I thoroughly support my dreams at that time.  In 1999 I was diagnosed with “fibromyalgia.”  Sometimes I wonder if it was part of my journey to learn more, however I would never wish this upon anyone.  After looking into it for years I realized what it really is, is an imbalance, or many imbalances due to this world that we live in.  It’s just a name.  And under it there are many “symptoms.”  In my opinion it cannot be fixed by “modern” medicine.  While I do not disagree with everything “modern” and “western” medicine offer I do believe the holistic approach is better.  I feel thankful to have had the time to research both sides.

My opportunity as a local business owner and caretaker allowed me to meet a variety of clients.  I believed in products that were safe and non toxic.  However being younger, I bent my own rules to satisfy the client who believed we needed these harmful products to provide a clean home.  What toxins in fact do is lead to disease, illness and stress.  It becomes a vicious circle.  I firmly believe it was a factor in my fibromyalgia symptoms.  Through time I was able to remember and research what works.  Ancient, old fashioned,  non toxic remedies.  Over the course of time I was able to educate others by speaking about and using natural products.   Besides offering them a clean home, I offered them a scheduled routine, I built relationships, I offered compassion.  I worked with the elderly and the disabled.  I listened and offered my time, not just my service.

In 2010 I submitted my photos to a local photo contest after purchasing a new camera in 2009 for my grandmother’s 90th birthday.  I was chosen as the Grand Prize Winner as well as receiving honorable mention.  With that divine intervention as well as the kind and supportive words of the journalist, as well as the use of the Internet, I was put back on my creative journey to be able to share this world through my eyes.  Thus far I have captured 10 years of nature, architecture and cityscapes.

After my grandmother passed away in 2013 I was divinely guided to expand.  During that time and until now I have met some incredible people and some incredible women.  I have been able to help them as much they helped me.

The entire journey has allowed me to created services and products that work, so that you can live the life you were always meant to live.

My Philosophy:  We are in this together.  We are stronger as one.

Heather Maria

2019 (crop)

You may contact me at HeatherMaria123@outlook.com
https://www.etsy.com/shop/HeatherMaria123 – Divine and Holistic Wellness
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