About Me

Heather Maria

I am very blessed to have been  spiritually connected my whole life.  I am an intuitive empath who has a passion for healing and inspiration. To inspire and be inspired. It is a special gift that I have.  I want people to live the life they were truly mean to live.  It is a passion of mine to assist with soul growth and soul journey.  I also create healing art through photography and write inspirational poetry. 

As a self taught photographer, writer, artist I am built on instinct and inspiration. Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, I enjoy capturing a wide variety of subjects based on intuition and the ability to see beauty in everything. My passion for taking photos began at a young age when my grandfather gave me a 110 film camera. My mission was to capture moments in time. In 2010 my photo won the grand prize with another receiving honorable mention in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Snapshot Wisconsin photo contest. The kind and encouraging words I received from the professionals at the 2 time Pulitzer prize winning newspaper inspired me to pursue my raw talent as an artist and gave me added encouragement to pursue what I love and share that passion with others.

Photography can take you anywhere you want to go void of time and space. It is the creation of every emotion possible captured in moments while allowing the viewer to see and feel based on their own interpretation.

Writing from your heart and soul frees the mind through expression. Words pen to paper that connect individuals to one another through synchronicity and emotions.

Art in any form has the ability to heal. It brings joy and happiness, it cleanses the body with tears, it moves you from a simple smile to a deep thought resonating from within. Without healing we cannot progress.  Belief transforms the way we approach each other through ourselves and artistic creation.

Nature is a main source of inspiration.  It is where I feel most at Home.  To be surrounded by nature creates therapeutic healing on all levels, mind, body, spirit, soul.  The heart always knows.  Nature is classic, timeless and eternal.

Every opportunity is a learning experience, a reminder to live life while you are still alive and to enjoy the journey while you are still here.


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