September 13th Tuesday

Ascended Master and list of the Day

September 13th, 2022




Life Path Inspiration


Essential Oil blend

Sweet Orange four drops

Ylang Ylang four drops

Clove three drops

Her divinely blessed prayer, meditation, intention bracelet, 3 strands of yarn.

Medium Blue for Nurtures

Yellow for Harmony

Red for Knowledge

Messages – A divine source of inspiration is always near.

Throat chakra

It is Geranium today, The flame, flavor, Ray of light, color, candle, and coffee

Spirit animal Spider Monkey

Angel Damon

Being of light Jenipher

Goddess Cute

God Luke

Saint Ariel

Ascended master Manakel

Planet Mercury

Number Two

Elohim Heart

Element Paper

Place Cafe

Star Donald

Country Belarus πŸ‡§πŸ‡Ύ

Theme Silver

Gemstone Ruby

Day Megaplex

Day Saints

Divinity Masculine Feminine

Keyword Sea 🌊

Song Lyla by The Mayfield Four song # four album Second Skin 2001

Shannon and Kaylie day 2 and Jared’s day

Sunrise 6:29 AM to 7:05 PM in Virgo

Moonrise 8:51 PM to 11:12 AM a waning gibbous moon in Taurus

Note: cherub, Minsk, pizza, processing, Ali, Nicole, Brewtown Goddesses.


Tarot – Zadkiel


Today this card appeared to remind us of the phone do you recently received, and how important it is to be grateful for gifts.

In truth, our plan is filled with such fruits of grace, if we allow ourselves to see them.

Zadkiel teaches us to open our hearts and to reveal generosity and kindness to others. This correlates with the number 13 the date today as well as the numerology number four.

There is no scarcity in the place of ultimate well-being and joy we know as the Source. Remember Christ today.

Loss therefore in is only a condition created. Allow your gifts to inform others on your path. BE bestowing and refined in your sense of joy, wherever you are. Chant AH to release the conviction of love from your heart chakra via your throat chakra.

From Angels of Atlantis oracle deck



The Daffodil

Daffodils are known for chivalry, respect, and unrequited love.

Daffodils mean to grow, they mean joy and happiness, and they mean to give in plenty.

They are meaningful and have straightforward reasons and answers.


Book of the day

The Oxford Book Of Modern Fairy Tales


Belarus πŸ‡§πŸ‡Ύ

Ancient fairytale like forests, wooden villages, potatoes, buried treasures, pancakes, cooking, hearty mushrooms, poppyseeds, festivals, family, creativity, artists, climbing, sports, charming hospitality, the diamond of knowledge national Library, bison, programming, and cleanliness.

Archangel Manakel

Angel of water whom assists in unleashing the mystery of our soul.

We are guided to listen to the inner wisdom that flows infinitely through us.

Dig deep to unveil the super powerful wisdom buried in your glorious soul. There is a light being waiting to emerge.

Show yourself to the world.

Ruby is associated with creativity, loyalty, honor, compassion, concentration, and improved energy. It stimulates the heart chakra to bring about spiritual wisdom.

It is also a symbol of love, passion, beauty, and power.

Geranium Coffee β˜•οΈ

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