September 12th Monday

Ascended Master and list of the Day

September 12th, 2022




Divine goddess

We value life


Lime four drops

Lemongrass four drops

Her divinely blessed prayer, meditation, intention bracelet

Red for love

Dark green for royalty

Light yellow for sincerity

Messages – When love shines in sincerity, we value life.


Third eye chakra

It is gardenia today, The flame, flavor, Ray of light, color, candle, and coffee

Spirit animal orangutan

Angel Peter

Being of light Arthur

Goddess Heidi

God Gwendolyn

Saint Danner

Ascended master Guinevere

Mercury is the planet

The number is one

Elohim is mind

Element is air

Place is Cards

Star is Cashews

Country Belize πŸ‡§πŸ‡Ώ

Theme is Treasure Hunt

Gemstone is Sunstone

Day is megagalaxy

Day of the mermen

Divinity is feminine masculine

Keyword pirate πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ

Song is Walking The Sky by Alter Bridge song #12 Album Walk The Sky 2019

Shannon and Kaylie day 1 and Lucifer’s day

Sunrise 6:28 AM to 7:07 PM in Virgo

Moonrise 8:28 PM to 10:02 AM a waning gibbous moon in Aries

Note: intellect ghost πŸ‘»


Tarot – Crow Spirit

Co create with spirit.

Have you sensed the magic? Have you witnessed manifestation and fruition? What have you experienced? The universe works in perfect order. When you align your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs with spirit, you will want to crow with delight, feeling the excitement and wonder of being in harmony with something much larger than yourself.

Card #17 from the Spirit Animal oracle.



Yellow Coneflowers


Book of the day

Life of Pi

Let the spirit of love gently fill our hearts and homes.



A beautiful central American country known for its world class scuba diving, lush rainforests, pristine beaches, and friendly people

Orangutans teach you how to ease your spirit and attune with mother earth. With them you can be considered the person of the forest. You can adapt to senses, and become an intelligent messenger. As an animal guide they have a strong connection with the air element.

The Sunstone is a stone of leadership, encouraging the wearer to be open, benevolent and willing to bestow blessings upon others. It is also known as a stone of joy, which inspires good nature and an enjoyment of life. It brightens our sky and warms our skin.

Gardenia Coffee β˜•οΈ

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