September 11th Sunday

Ascended Master and Tarot Card of the Day

September 11th, 2022




Lord Ganesh 12/3

Ganesha’s essential oil blend consists of 5

essential oils

Patchouli 5

Frankincense 5

Lemon 5

Pennyroyal 3

Sandalwood 3

Ganesha’s divinely blessed braided intention, prayer, and meditation bracelet is made of 4 strands of yarn.

Gold for Abundance

Rose for Prosperity

Jade Green for Life

Red for Beginnings

Message- We are born with a purpose.

The gemstone is Blue Goldstone

Palo Santo coffee today


Tarot Card – Nature’s Signs

from the Oracle of the Fairies

Be receptive to the subtle messages from nature as you go about your day. Nature talks to us conditionally, we need only open our hearts and minds.


Photo of the Day

Quiet View overlooking Lake Michigan

From the collection landscapes through the seasons, photo taken May 19, 2013 springtime


Today the ray of light is Palo Santo, as is the flame, flavor, color, and coffee. The candle today is cobalt. The chakra today is the heart chakra.

Sunrise is from 6:26 AM to 7:09 PM in Virgo.

The forecast is a high of 67 in a lower 59°. Rain chance is 100% with the possibility of flooding. There is a beach warning advisory.

The moonrise is 8:06 PM and set at 8:52 AM, it is a waning gibbous moon in Aries.

The spirit animal is a lepar, the angel is Shannon, the being of light is Parvati, the Goddess is Sheri, the God is Deborah, the Saint is Jeffrey, the planet is Venus, the number is four, the Elohim is soul, the element is titanium, the place is Vela, the star is Crystal, the country is Holland, the theme is shoes, the gemstone is Blue Goldstone, the day is Star Nation, it is the day of the Devas, the divinity is masculine feminine, the keyword is absolution.

It is Jared and Austin’s day three and Gabriels day.

The song of the day is 93 Million Miles by 30 Seconds To Mars song #10 Album, 30 Seconds To Mars 2001

The notes are, welcome to the universe, holy ones, and secrets to the sun.

Blue Goldstone Is a stone of confidence and ambition, encouraging motivation and drive. It has a positive energy which makes it an uplifting stolen while also promoting vitality.

The country Holland is known for bulb fields, windmills, cheese markets, wooden shoes, canals of Amsterdam, masterpieces of old masters, Delft blue earthenware, innovative water management, and millions of bicycles.

Shoes signify our feet, and our heart chakra. We are either two footed or four footed. Either way we are beautiful beings of light.

Anywhere where one can go for a walk and use our feet is a blessing. It is a sacred, it is a grace period. With physical shoes or without.

That signifies spirit.

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