September 10th Saturday

Ascended Master and Tarot Card of the Day

September 10th, 2022




Kali’s essential oil blend consists of 3

essential oils

Orange 4

Spanish Verbena 7

Black Spruce 5

Kali’s divinely blessed braided intention, prayer, and meditation bracelet is made of 3 strands of yarn.

Orange for Sacred Soul

Red for Purpose

Black for Journey

Message- Encompassing our soul leads us to sacred adventure.

The gemstone is Soapstone (in the shape of a Cobra today.)

Sweetgrass coffee today


Tarot Card – Lakshmi The goddess of abundance

I choose to feel abundant. Wealth is an inside job.

from the Divine Feminine oracle

Lakshmi personifies the splendor of affluence that arrives will be a line or every action with what the soul desires lost for us. She represents a reference, sacredness, knowing, understanding, and goals.

Our ultimate goal is to know our true bliss.


Photo of the day

September 10th, 2022


Photo of the Day

Along the way

Photo taken in autumn 2012 at Calgary cemetery in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Featured in the collection Landscapes through the seasons.

Purpose, journey and sacred soul.


Today the ray of light is Sweetgrass. As is the flame, color, flavor, candle, and coffee.

Solar plexus is the chakra.

Sunrise is from 6:25 AM to 7:11 PM in Vogel. The forecast is a high of 79 and a low of 62° with sun followed by clouds later.

The moonrise is 7:44 PM until 7:40 AM in Pisces all day today.

Today is the day of the full moon and the moon was at its fullest at 4:58 AM

Pisces 5

The spirit animal is Musk, the angel is Fire, the being of light is Bailey, the goddess is Iris, the God is Flake, the Saint is Robert, the ascended master is Kali, The planet is Saturn, the number is three, the Elohim is body, the element is wind, the place is Spanish Verbena, the star is Tara, the country is Kiribati, the theme is route, the gemstone is soapstone in the form of a cobra, the day is universe, the day of the fairies, the divinity is feminine, the keyword is grassroots. The note is grassodians.

It is Jared and Austin’s day two and Shannon’s day today.

The song of the day is Exit by The Black Crowes

Album, Wiser For The Time, Live 2013

The Musk Spirit animal means endurance.

Soapstone has been used for thousands of years, it has been used in world art, inlaid designs, and sculpture.

It has a soothing calming effect while balancing positive energy. It promotes truth, logic, rational and creative thinking.

Kiribati is a country in Oceana in the central Pacific Ocean. It is known for culture, folk music, dancing, remote islands, small towns, hospitality, casual places, privacy, nuts, Christmas island, and Phoenix Island.

The Goddess Kali is associated with Indonesia. She turns darkness into light. She stands for self empowerment, dissolving limiting beliefs, change of perspective, and invitations into Divine adventures.

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