September 7th Wednesday

Ascended Master and Tarot Card of the Day

September 7th, 2022



love, harmony, liberation

Samuel’s essential oil blend consists of 3 essential oils

Rosemary 5

Eucalyptus 5

Black Spruce 5

Archangel Samuel 15/3

Samuel’s divinely blessed braided intention, prayer, and meditation bracelet is made of 3 strands of yarn.

Red for Love

Black for Harmony

Light Green for Liberation

Message – Living in the light brings us freedom.

The gemstone is Kyanite

Eucalyptus coffee today


Tarot Card – Nature #74


From the Numerology Guidance Cards

When you merge your energy with Mother Earth, you and enhance your connection to the divine. Even a 10 minute walk outside will help revitalize, balance, and ground you. Walking along a beach or in a garden or park, hiking through the forest, bush, mountains, or desert, swimming in an ocean, river, lake, or stream, taking a trip to the wilderness or countryside, going camping or horseback riding, gardening or having a picnic, lying in the sun, walking in the rain, or playing in the snow, or reading under a tree, is always appreciated.

When you align yourself with Mother Nature, you align yourself with Source. This is not only appreciated by self, it is appreciated by Mother Nature and Source as a two-way connection. No one is ever alone nor should they ever be. This is a very powerful way to raise your vibration.


Photo of the Day


Silver Island Range (Mountains)

Where are you might find mountain men, explores, and wagon trains cross it’s peaks and valleys.

And circling the entire range is 54 miles of road.

The mountains are said to be made from limestone sediments from the bottom of a long vanished sea. The silver Island mountains were partially submerged by the melting ice age glaciers that created Lake Bonneville, whose shoreline can still be seen etched on the slopes of the area. After the limestone layers are raised high enough, volcanic activity covered them with lava flows such as can be seen at Leppy Pass and Volcanoe Peak.


Today The ray of light is eucalyptus. As is the flame, flavor, color, candle, and coffee.

The chakra is high heart.

The spirit animal is Erickson, the angel is Deer, The being of light is Danu, the Goddess is Dani, the God is Rowan, the Saint is Mark, Samuel is the ascended Master.

The planet is Pluto, the number is four, Elohim is mind, the element is earth, the place is Bent, the star is Tea, the country is Cuba, the theme is connection, the gemstone is kyanite, the day is Galaxy, and it is galaxy day two.

It is the day of the Dwarves and the day of the Donna’s, the divinity is feminine masculine, it is Lucifer and Derek’s day two, it is Gabriel’s day, the keyword is Clairalience, the notes are patchouli and ylang ylang, the song of the day is You Ain’t Seen Country Yet by Josh Thompson, Album is Way Out Here 2010 it is song number eight.

It is a number 22 day.

Sunrise is from 6:22 AM to 7:16 PM in Virgo. The forecast is 66 to 77°

The moonrise is 6:16 PM to 3:48 AM, it is 89.1% waxing gibbous in Aquarius.

The gemstone Kyanite means logical thinking and healing. It is a gemstone of attunement.

It is a graceful Gemstone known for encouraging linear and logical thinking and spiritual sophistication. While raising psychic abilities. It assist you in connecting with telepathy, subtle bodies, and spirit guides. It can assist in tapping into your deeper intuition as well as strengthening it. It is a stone of balance and abundance.

Cuba is known for a stunning white sand beaches, verdant countryside, and colorful cities. It is also known for lively music, vintage cars, grace, warm, and hospitality.

It has adoring charm as well as so much that makes this part of the Caribbean truly special.

Dancing, coffee, architecture, classic cars, ambiance, Havana, Music, Trinidad, restoration, cobblestone, City’s Central Square, Neoclassic Church of the Holy Trinity, and the Church and Monestery of Saint Francis, as well as Cuban art.

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