September 5th Monday

Ascended Master and Tarot Card of the Day

September 5th, 2022



Angel of Light and Prayers

Uriel’s essential oil blend consists of 4 essential oils

Orange 2

Lemongrass 3

Cedarwood 3

Cheer Up Buttercup 3

Uriel’s divinely blessed braided intention, prayer, and meditation bracelet is made of 3 strands of yarn.

2 Red for Fire of the Mind and Life Path Connection

1 Light Brown for Learning New Information

Message: Your mind is a vessel.

The gemstone is Diamond Moonstone

Sugar cream coffee


Today, the Spirit Animal is Porcupine, the Angel is Kelly, the Being Of Light is Chamuel, the Goddess is Delilah, the God is Dana, the Saint is Ralph, the Ascended Master is Uriel, the Planet is Mars, the Number is Three, the Elohim is Body, the Element is Water, the Place is White, the Star is Raphael, the Country is New Zealand, the Theme is Floating, the Gemstone is Diamond Moonstone, the Day is Mulitgalaxy, the Day of the Goddess, the Divinity is Feminine, the Song of the day is Church Pews by Josh Thompson

The Chakra is 3rd Eye, the Flame is Pearl White, Flavor is Sugar Cream, Ray of Light is Pearl White, Color is Pearl White, Candle is Pearl White, and Coffee is Sweet cream.

Keyword – Rectangle

It is Gabriel and Bailey day 3 and Jared’s day.

Today the moon is 68% Waxing Gibbous in Capricorn.

Moonrise today 4:39 pm to 1:13 am

Sunrise 6:20 AM

Sunset 7:20 PM

In Virgo Sun


Divine Order – Archangel Raguel

From Archangels oracle

Notes for today – painting, drawing, Cosmos, sight and site, building bricks, lime, stone, sweet cream, cream city brick, Bast, cats, artifacts, Mars, Tri, trional, triangular, viteous, resinous, pearly, transparent, translucent, perfect, Paul, Red, Bloodstone, unicorn, Safari, jeep, excursion, ride, Jeffy, escort, chauffeur

The photo of the day is:

The James

Photo was taken in the Wendover area. This city borders Utah and Nevada. Utah is known for the nearby Bonneville Salt

Flats. 26,000 acres of salt flats where land speed records have been made.

The Pilot Mountain range is a prominent mountain range with several rugged canyons spurring off the ridgeline. The most prominent feature is Pilot Peak with an elevation of 10,716.

Archangel Uriel, when the tigers eye wand is used in combination with Amber, it stimulates the intellect and activates love through the crown chakra, in turn restoring the spirit. Extra message, seek the light of God‘s truth before making decisions, learning new information, or solving problems.

Diamond Moonstone, also known as or in comparison, Tourmalinated Quartz, White Labadorite, Rainbow Moonstone, or Lemurian Seed Calcite. Known for building bricks lime and line stone, marble and pyrite.

Significant in mind and memory.

The diamond quartz and moonstone are known in meteorology, meteors, showers, showids, idas, meteor showers, starnations, lighting effects, past lives gate, stories, Utah, mountains, hills, valleys, and Hill Valley. Also known as alabaster and ornamental (s), and repair and in soil.

Porcupine, they have a childlike personality, forever inquisitive, sweet, energetic, and happy. They are gentle, kind, and sometimes quiet. They are engaging and can work very well alone by themselves.

They can bring you messages, and sometimes you need to listen close.

New Zealand, located in the Pacific Ocean, known for honey, rugby, sheep, and wine.

Also known for Archangel Raphael.

Note, Shofar, a Ram’s horn trumpet

note Deer and Michigan

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