September 1st Thursday

Ascended Master and Tarot Card of the Day

September 1st, 2022



lOVE and Compassion

Iolite’s essential oil blend consists of 2 essential oils

Patchouli 6

Lavender 5

Iolite’s divinely blessed braided intention, prayer, and meditation bracelet is made of 3 strands of yarn.

Medium Blue for Wisdom

White for Beauty

Lavender for Compassion

Message: The highest blessing is love.

The gemstone is Colorless, Purple Quartz

Peach coffee

Photographed with Cats and Yarn coffee mug.


Today, the Spirit Animal is Peacock, the Angel is Chauvin, the Being Of Light is James, the Goddess is Grace, the God is Uriel, the Saint is Zebra, the Ascended Master is Iolite, the Planet is Uranus, the Number is Four, the Elohim is Soul, the Element is Wind, the Place is Vedder, the Star is Wayne, the Country is Russia, the Theme is Over, the Gemstone is Colorless Purple Quartz, the Day is Megauniverse, the Day of the God, the Divinity is Masculine Feminine, the Song of the day is Out On The Tiles by Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes song #9 on the Album Live At The Greek Disc 2, year 2000, the Keyword is Tiles.

It is Shannon and Kaylie day 2 and Jared’s day.

Today the moon is Waxing Crescent in Scorpio.

Moonrise today 11:52 AM to 10:52 PM

Sunrise 6:16 AM

Sunset 7:26 PM

In Virgo Sun


Six of Cups

Returning to a state of harmony and balance.

The symbol in the photo is the Primrose. A traditional symbol of youth.

It is a gesture of kindness and affection.

It represents honesty and simple goodness.

From the Influence Of The Angels Tarot

Notes for today: Flow, Blue, Red, Purple, Colors


Colorless purple quartz

Also known as Conite, Cornish Diamond, Konilite, Lake Country Diamonds, Lemurian Seed Crystal, Lodilite (wine), Low Quartz, Mexican Diamond, Pacific Cat’s Eye, Beta-Quartz, High Quartz.

Quartz can be as abrasive as sandpaper or as delicate as glass. It is considered the birthstone for those born in April. It has been the Arkansas State emblem since 1967. Traditionally, the Japanese asserted that quartz signified purity and infinite space, while ancient North American and Burmese cultures considered the stone to be a living being, holding rituals for it and providing it with food.

Quartz belongs to the trigonal Crystal system.

Peacock: known to be the epitome of beauty, this graceful power animal offers lessons about self love, honor, integrity, and the importance of facing life’s challenges as well as the unknown with courage and confidence.

When the peacock struts gracefully into your life you may be entering a time of rebirth.

The photo of the day is:

Reach For Heights

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