August 31 Wednesday

Ascended Master and Tarot Card of the Day

August 31st, 2022



Spirit of the Pink Ray

Divine Feminine Love

Charity’s essential oil blend consists of 5 essential oils

Myrrh, Geranium, White Tea, Cherry Blossom, Rose



Charity’s divinely blessed braided intention, prayer, and meditation bracelet is made of 3 strands of yarn.

3 Dark Pink meaning:

Connection to self

Spiritual connection

Inner divine feminine

Message: Embrace the love that brings us wisdom.

The gemstone is peach selenite

Black coffee


Today, the planet of the day is Rooster, the number is One, the flavor is Coffee cream, color is Black, ray of light is Black, and flame is Black. The candle is Black. The Elohim is Body, God is Patrick, Saint is Saturn, Goddess is Kwan Yin, Being of Light is Alderbardan, Angel of the day is Siris, The spirit animal is Rooster, gemstone is Peach Selenite, the place is Lyon, element is Water, star is Knowing, chakra is Sacral, it is the day of the Saints, day of Megaplex, the divinity is feminine, and the theme is Puzzles. The country is Nicaragua.

Charity is the Ascended Master

The song of the day is Sweet Euphoria by Chris Cornell

Album: Euphoria Morning 1999

Today the moon is Waxing Crescent 17% and very clear.

Moonrise today 10:40 AM set 9:36 PM in Libra until 12 pm changing to Scorpio afternoon

Sunrise 6:15 AM

Sunset 7:28 PM

In Virgo Sun


Archangel Michael

Trusting Heaven

From the Keepers of the Light deck by Kyle Gray

You are safe. Angels stand close. Surrender your concerns and allow a miracle to occur.

Archangel Michael, or Saint Michael, is one of the four major archangels in the Abrahamic religions. Loved all over the world, he is the patron saint of protection. He wields a bright sword of light to help us detach from dramas, challenges, or fears. His name means he who is like God. His fiery presence helps awaken our leadership skills and reminds us that we have the capacity to connect with heaven.

If challenges are present in your life, call on Michael to bring his sword of light to energetically disconnect you from what’s no longer serving you.

Your angel team is with you now. Your angels are inviting you to take a step back so that they can come in and share their life of miracles.

Prayers are heard and solutions are entering your life. Know that Archangel Michael and his Legion of angels are here to help clear anything that’s not serving you so that you can allow in the miracles of change that you deserve.

Notes for today: Blue, Mars, Opal


Peach Selenite is a bringer of light. It sheds new light on the mind and spirit. Being connected to the sacral chakra it helps you in connecting to your core. Place a peach selenite stone on your windowsill to fill your space with loving light. Meditate with this touchstone. Pictured here is a peach selenite pyramid.

Roosters allow you to celebrate your uniqueness. Such as in Archangel Michael. They are part of the continuum.

The old saying is that they are all that and a bag of chips. And who can blame them. The rooster has magnificently colored plumage really having no choice but to strut their stuff.

Nicaragua is the largest country in the Central American isthmus, bordered by Honduras to the northwest, the Caribbean to the east, Costa Rica to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the southwest.

Spanish is their official speaking language.

They are famous for lakes and volcanoes.

Their famous foods are deep fried plantains, rice, Gallo Pinto beans, and cabbage salad. Including coconut water.

The photo of the day is:

Frozen Pier

Black Ray of Light, Henry Maier Festival Park, Summerfest, Heritage Festivals, Black Coffee

Black Flame

Milwaukee Pierhead lighthouse

Milwaukee Harbor, Milwaukee River, connected to Lakeshore Park.

It’s aid to navigation is a sister of the Kenosha North Pier Light.

Made of concrete and steel constructed in 1872.

It is 41 feet and it’s frustum is a cone.

Red with black lantern and parapet.

First lit in 1872 it’s focal height is 43 feet.

Keyword of the day is sacred

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