August 29 Monday

Ascended Master and Tarot Card of the Day

August 29th, 2022



Synchronize Soul Star Abundance

Archangel Metatron

Metatron’s essential oil blend consists of 4 essential oils, 4 drops each

Black Spruce, Pennyroyal, Geranium, Rose

Strength, support, abundance, totality, Ether, Yellow.

Contains blue synchronicity.

Balance, dance, and fire of the mind.

Metatron’s divinely blessed braided intention, prayer, and meditation bracelet is made of 6 strands of yarn.

Red for fire of the mind

Dark blue for earth wisdom

Medium blue for air of time and space

Light blue for water of destiny

Yellow for ether and clarity

Purple for divinity brings fruition

Message: all elements occur simultaneously to create the miracles of life and future events

The gemstone is Sodalite

Strawberry Watermelon coffee


Today, the planet of the day is Mercury, the number is Six, the flavor is Strawberry Watermelon, color is Pink, ray of light is Strawberry Watermelon, and flame is Pink. The candle is Strawberry Watermelon. The Elohim is Heart, God is Brady, Saint is Mercury, Goddess is Lily, Being of Light is Jeremiah, Angel of the day is Marcus, The spirit animal is Camel, gemstone is Sodalite, the place is Purple, element is Titanium, star is Rhode, chakra is Soul Star, it is the day of the Being of Light, day of The Galaxy, the divinity is masculine, and the theme is Packages. The country is Chile.

Metatron is the Ascended Master

The song of the day is Locomotive by Mad Season. Song #10 album Above 2013

Today the moon is Waxing Crescent

Moonrise today 8:25 AM set 8:52 PM in Libra

Sunrise 6:12 AM

Sunset 7:32 PM

In Virgo Sun

TAROT CARD ❤️💙💙💙💛💜

The Star


Well! I’ve often seen a cat without a grin, but a grin without a cat! It’s the most curious thing I ever saw in all my life!

Hope, faith, rejuvenation

Deck: Tarot in Wonderland

The Oracle of Alice

Ibiza Spain

Ibiza Tarot

Notes for today: Ice River British Columbia, Russia, India, Bolivia, Afghanistan, Namibia, Portugal, Romania, Burma, Maine, and Montana.




A stone of endurance.

Known to be used in Greenland and Denmark. Large deposits were discovered in Bancroft Ontario. Several stones went on display at the worlds Columbian exposition in Chicago.

This gem stone is loved by South America. It is used in Columbian cities. It is part of the ruins of Tiahuanaco.

Camel symbolize travel and journeys, wisdom, endurance, survival, service, self-sufficiency, conservation, and stamina.

Chile is known for exquisite wine and beer, the mysterious Easter island, vibrant street art, one of the worlds largest swimming pools, has the tallest building in South America, StreetFood, soccer, poetry, literature, Copper, mummies, and private water.

The photo of the day is:

Federal Danube

From A boating excursion along with the Milwaukee River 9-2-2016

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Element Titanium: titanium aura is said to have energies that connect to all the bodies Chakras. It’s potent and dynamic energy awakens, balances, and clears the chakras, making you feel more grounded and in control. It elevate your spirits, making you feel more competent and concentrated.

Keyword of the day is endurance.

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