August 21st Ascended Master and Tarot Card of the day

Ascended Master and Tarot Card of the Day

August 21st, 2022



Bhim and Vhrim

Red Tara

Red Flowers

Tara’s essential oil blend consists of 2 essential oils

Purple Jasmine 11

Clary Sage 10

Tara’s divinely blessed braided intention, prayer, and meditation bracelet is made of 6 strands of yarn.

Dark Green for Earth

Dark Blue for Planet

Red for Compassion

Black for Wisdom

Yellow for Harmony

White for Spiritual Journey

Special message: The Harmony of our Earth is a blessing to our Soul.

The gemstone is Magnesite

Peach coffee


Today, the planet of the day is Earth, the number is Six, the flavor is peach, color is peach, ray of light is Peach, and flame is Peach. The candle is Peach. The Elohim is Body, God is Christopher, Saint is Kenneth, Goddess is Emma, Being of Light is Javier, Angel of the day is Derek. The spirit animal is Pigeon, gemstone is Magnesite, place is Maat, element is Steel, star is Trinity, chakra is Heart, it is the day of the Mermaids, day of the Ascended Master , the divinity is feminine, and the theme is Home. The country is Lebanon.

Tara is the Ascended Master

The song of the day is Miss Lady by Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa

Album: Seesaw – Blues 2013 song #6

Today the moon is 31% waning crescent in Gemini until 7:30 PM moving into cancer.

Moonrise today 12:24 AM set 4:34 PM

Sunrise 6:04AM

Sunset 7:45 PM


A win-win outcome is forecast

Full moon in libra card

From the Moonology oracle deck

Partnership, relationship, commitment 3

Love, perceptive, focus 3

3+3 = 6, the number of the day

Under a full moon or full moon type Energy, spend time with your inner child, or practice a joyful activity, like coloring, dancing, or even hula hooping. That taps into your natural sense of play, fun, and discovery.

Grounding exercises such as sitting barefoot with your feet and the palms of your hands on the ground, and visualizing a column of Light being mean straight down, deep into the earth, helps you re-find your center.

Today’s Gemstone, Magnesite

A powerful stone that aids the crown and third eye chakra is to encourage creativity and deeper meditation. It is often used to aid one in psychic visions and manifestation. When used on the heart chakra, it’s positive energy encourages self love and improve self-esteem and confidence. It outlines the chakras for better health of the mind, body, and spirit.

Pigeon spirit animals,.

Means totem, spirit, and omens. They are messengers of God. Symbolic of fertility, prosperity, lock, and transformation. They are part of the Columbidae family.

They are associated with Persians, Romans, Greeks, and Baghdad. They are well known in European countries. They are reliable, responsible, perceptive, they signify perception and life partners.

Lebanon and Lebanon Mountain stand as a symbol of purity and peace. Cedar trees stand for holiness and eternity and resilience of tradition.

Notes for today: Libra, essential quality, black fuel essentials, Draco, teaching, fruition, fruit, sharing, tradition.

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