August 18th Tarot and Ascended Master of the day

Ascended Master of the Day

August 18th, 2022




Anthony’s essential oil blend consists of 5 essential oils

Saint Anthony

Black spruce 3

Lavender 4

Hyssop 2

Helichrysum 1

Geranium 1


Notes: the call to love, to be connected for others needs…

A powerful Franciscan Teacher

Born 1195 Lisbon, Portugal

Saint Anthony of Padua

Saint Anthony’s divinely blessed braided intention, prayer, and meditation bracelet is made of three strands of yarn.

Rose for blessings and truth

Light yellow for interceding

Dark blue for protection

Special message: The river of love is time stopping.

The gemstone is Calcite

Blood orange coffee


Today, the planet of the day is Jupiter, the number is six, the flavor is blood orange, color is blood orange, ray of light is Blood Orange, and flame is Light Orange. The candle is orange. The Elohim is Mind. God is Amaterasu , Saint is Camael, Goddess is Helen, Being of Light is Jax, Angel of the day is Luke. The spirit animal is Wild Dogs, gemstone is Calcite, place is Sri Lanka, element is Water, star is Egypt, chakra is Sacral (plexus) [+lumbar area], it is the day of the Universe, day of the Goddess, the divinity is feminine, and the theme is Coins. The country is Kuwait.

Saint Anthony is the Ascended Master (of Padua)

The song of the day is Conquistador by 30 Seconds to Mars

Album: Love, Lust, Faith, and Dreams 2013

Today the moon is 60% waning gibbous in Taurus all day until 7:20 AM Friday moving into Gemini.

Moonrise today 11:57pm set tomorrow 1:25pm

Sunrise 6 AM

Sunset 7:49 PM



Inner Goddess

Awaken the goddess within you through dance, self-care, and appreciating your divinity.

Allow your inner feminine wisdom and dynamic beauty to rise to the surface. Cherish its power and meaningfulness. We all have inner femininity to nurture. And that nurturers us. As well as guides us with its intuitive principles.

Celebrate your magnificence.

The secondary Goddess today is Kail

The messages is endings and beginnings.

The old must be released so that the new can enter.

Kali praises those hearts who except the universal order. In actuality designed down to the smallest detail. Perfect operating order.

Kali is a powerful ally. She has the ability to make the ground fertile for new crops and life. She encourages you to dance, weaving the stories of our lives in a truthful positive manner.

Card (s) today are from the Goddess Guidance oracle deck.

Today’s notes: spine health, walking, Saint Catherine, motion, movement, Mount Saint Helen, Sun, Japanese Mythology, literary texts, Ninigi, three generations, a transitional period, the heavenly kami

Today’s Gemstone, Calcite

A positive Stone for allowing the floor of positive vibrations, used in healing and for removing energy blockages. It assist with the mind and improve his memory. Often used in meditation and has been dedicated too many artifacts especially in Egypt and to Bast the deity. Many artifacts have been carved from the stone.

It improves vitality and enhances enthusiasm.

Ancient Greeks believe that calcite had healing properties. It is also considered a protective stone to the people of ancient Mexico. It was often use for amulets and talisman.

Because of his wonderful energy it is likely to be used in statues.

Notable colors today, yellow, lemon, and caramel. Other notable colors, opaque, white, red, orange, blue, green, brown, gray.

Today is Angel is Luke

The angel Luke brings us tidings of great joy.

Notables for today’s list:

Sri Lanka, known for coffee coconuts and tea, as well as tropical forests.

Wild dogs, meaning family, community, positive attitude, compassion, success, and character.

Egyptian star is known for stone circles, measuring time, diagonal star tables, and the movement between planets.

Kuwait is known for hot sand dunes, stunning cityscape, and chocolate on the Persian Gulf.

The theme is coins today, meaning publishing, organization, illustration, flow, grounding of life, navigation, pentacles, planets, creativity, diamonds, promises, and relationships.

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