August 17th Tarot

Tarot Card, August 17, 2022, Wednesday

Sacred Plan

The plan that comes to fruition is based on your intentions and your highest good.

God is your greatest ally.

You are given the incredible gift of free will and therefore your thoughts, deeds, actions, and intentions are in someway going out into the universe and creating experiences, opportunities, and energies that are flowing in and out of your life.

Note that every experience you have been through in your life has been a way-marker on your journey toward growth and expansion.

Call on your angels to lighten the path ahead.

❤️💜🧡 🍇

Today, the planet of the day is Saturn, the number is 4, the flavor is grape, color is maroon, ray of light is Grape, and flame is Burgundy. The candle is Burgundy. The Elohim is Soul. God is Jasper, Saint is Jonnie, Goddess is Teresa, Being of Light is Steven, Angel of the day is New York. The spirit animal is Jellyfish, gemstone is Red Jasper, place is Nepal, element is Air, star is David, chakra is Root and Earth, it is the day of the Galaxy, day of the Angel, the divinity is masculine feminine, and the theme is Voices. The country is India.

Buddha is the Ascended Master

The song of the day is Black out the Sun by Sevendust – Album Sevendust 2013 song #6

Today the moon is 65% waning gibbous in Taurus.

Moonrise today 10:51 pm set tomorrow 1:28pm

Sunrise 5:59AM

Sunset 7:51 PM

Today’s notes: Sun & Ra

Jellyfish – flow, instinct, movement, simplicity, guide, and natural.

Today, Gemstone, Red Jasper

Also known as the shaman’s stone, blood of Mother Earth, stone of endurance, and nurturer’s stone.

Red jasper is considered a grounding stone that provides a sense of balance and stability. It works with the lower chakras to enhance creativity while providing the willpower of accomplishment.

It allows one to use greater insight, see past the current, and create beyond to serve a higher purpose.

It has been used in many cultures for example ancient Egypt. It is a powerful stone with important spiritual significance. One notable location where the semi precious stone is excavated is Cave Creek in Arizona United States of America.

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