August 16th Photo

Tarot Card, August 16, 2022, Tuesday



The recovery of health and wellness is here.

A multimodal approach to health, including especially prayer, faith, and optimism, is indicated in appropriate right now

This is also a sign that you’re all work to help others is flourishing. God in the guardian angels are working through your intentions to bring healing energy to your loved ones.

Healing also means transformation and change.

Always in the highest good.

Jade Amplifies Energy, aids in concentration, and memory, and helps to balance ones energetic system.

Today, the planet of the day is Venus, the number is 3, the flavor is passion fruit, color is Granadilla, ray of light is Amaranth, and flame is Clear. The candle is Gold. The Elohim is Body. God is Jade, Saint is Andrew, Goddess is Anakalinda, Being of Light is Ospray, Angel of the day is Pluto. The spirit animal is Serpent, gemstone is Lemurian Quartz, place is Athens, element is Wood, star is French, chakra is Crown, it is the day of the Cosmos, day of the Saint, the divinity is masculine, and the theme is Talisman. The country is Israel.

Bast is the Ascended Master

The song of the day is The Catalyst bu Linkin Park song #14 Album – A Thousand Suns 2010

Today the moon is 79% waning gibbous in Aries until 9:21 PM when it moves into Taurus.

Moonrise today 10:27 pm set tomorrow 12:21pm

Sunrise 5:58 AM

Sunset 7:52 PM

Today’s notes: mythology, grapes, Greek, Parthenon, France, French Riviera, Christ, Garden, the Underworld, the act of doing

Today, Gemstone, Lemurian Quartz

In tradition of ancient civilizations, people used crystals to focus consciousness.

This quartz connects with the brain and the nervous system, including the crown chakra. It is wonderful at clearing and using in meditation.

Many of these crystals came from the Himalayan mountains.

Other areas are Tibet, Russia, Zambia, as well as the United States.

they are known to be used in reading energy. Such as reading weather patterns and formations, reading the movement of coffee or tea or tea leaves.

Lemurian Quartz’s assist in times of transition and change. They can assist with upgrades and allow one to sleep more peacefully.

They are used to give and receive messages.

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