August 14th Tarot

Tarot Card, August 14, 2022, Sunday

Play Music

St. Cecilia

Music helps you find the answers and solutions that you are seeking. Playing music or listening to music.

As well as anything that goes with music including dancing and singing.

You can do this alone or your own expression, or with or for others.

Saint Cecilia is associated it was Rome Italy on this blessed Sunday, in the Lazio region.

Saint Cecilia is associated with the liturgy, Saint Agnes, Saint Peter, Saint Paul, Santa Cecilia, the Isle of Wight, Saint Cecilia’s Abbey, Ryde, Saint Benedict, luthier Jean Baptiste and The Church of England.

From the saints and angels oracle deck.


Today, the planet of the day is Uranus, the number is 6, the flavor is orange, color is orange, ray of light is Tangerine, and flame is tangerine. The candle is orange. The Elohim is Heart. God is Anton, Saint is Trent, Goddess is Uranus, Being of Light is Brandon, Angel of the day is Jared. The spirit animal is Bear, gemstone is Dendritic Opal, place is Herb, element is Air, star is Darin, chakra is sacral, it is the day of the Universe, day of the Fairies, the divinity is masculine feminine, and the theme is System, The country is Syria.

Jeremiel is the Ascended Master

The song of the day is Painted Silver Light by Gov’t Mule, song #5 Album Back at the Beacon 12/31/2014, Beacon Theatre, New York City.

Today the moon is waning gibbous in Pisces until 3:34 pm when it moved into Aries.

Moonrise today 9:53pm set tomorrow 10:03am

Sunrise at 5:56 AM

Sunset 7:55 PM

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