August 11th Tarot

Tarot Card, August 11th, 2022, Thursday

The Chariot

Yes, that’s it! it’s always tea time

Direction, Control, Willpower VII

Driving, drive, life on all planets and plains.

From the deck Tarot in Wonderland, The Oracle of Alice. from Ibiza Spain

The Moon turns Full in the sign of Aquarius today on Thursday, August 11th

at 8:36 PM

Full of manifestation, dreams, and wishes.

The moon rises today 22 minutes after the sun sets.

Moonrise at 8:22 PM and sets tomorrow morning at 6:15 AM

Sunrise 5:53AM

Sunset 8:00 PM

Today, the planet of the day is Earth, the number is 2, the flavor is lemon, color, ray of light, and flame is yellow. The candle is tan. The Elohim is Body, God is Jesus, Saint is Germaine, Goddess is Kali, Being of Light is Stuart, Angel of the day is Raziel. The spirit animal is Rabbit, gemstone is carnelian, place is Phoenix, element is metal, star is Taurus, chakra is throat, it is the day of the Solar System, day of the Being of Light, the divinity is feminine and the theme is Morning. The country is Belgium.

Aurora is the Ascended Master

The song of the day is Praecursio by Black Mansions

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