August 10th Tarot

Tarot Card, August 10th, 2022, Wednesday


King Solomon

The Magician King

Using magical seals.

Solomon connects the heart in line with the divine, deepens emotional intelligence and illuminate how we can manage great responsibilities placed upon us and become role models to others in the greater world.

Solomon attunes the auric energy to highly spiritual levels and can open channels to link with ethereal beings, cosmic guidance, and spiritual downloads of information. He charges psychic abilities and heightens energies of cosmic manifestation through his seals of protection and conjure.

He passes on tokens of wisdom granted to him during his own reign, imparting sage intuitive nudges when called upon. Solomon places important teachers onto our path to meet and learn from, guiding the mind to stay on track. He reminds us that we are the kings and queens of our lives and that with determined will, focus, charge and drive, we can fulfil our divine purpose in life.

Saints and Mystics Reading Cards deck

The Moon turned from Capricorn to Aquarius today at 1:46 pm

The waxing gibbous moon turns Full in the sign of Aquarius tomorrow on Thursday, August 11th

at 8:36 PM

Full of manifestation, dreams, and wishes.

The moon rises today 43 minutes before the sun sets.

Moonrise at 7:42 PM and sets tomorrow morning at 4:53 AM

Sunrise 5:52 AM

Sunset 8:02 PM

Today, the planet of the day is Mercury, the number is 3, the flavor, color, ray of light, is clove. The candle is yellow. The flame is purple. The Elohim is Spirit, God is Michelob, Saint is Raef, Goddess is Veronica, Being of Light is Miller, Angel of the day is Shiva. The spirit animal is Wolf, gemstone is citrine, place is Orion, element is water, star is Arcturus, chakra is root, it is the day of the cosmos, day of the Saint, the divinity is masculine and the theme is Garden. The country is Spain.

Artemis is the Ascended Master

The song of the day is 23 by Chayce Beckham

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