Card 7-22

Tarot Card 7-28-22 Thursday

A personal issue reached resolution.

Full Moon in Cancer

The answer to your question lies and being a kind leader.

This is typically a sign that all is as it should be, or don’t worry, all will soon be well.

Today is in the sign of Leo. The moon shifted out of cancer at 1:39 AM.

The New Moon arrived at 12:55 PM in the sign of Leo.

Today is the seventh day in the Sun sign of Leo.

When the moon is new in the sign of Leo, confidence is your key to success.

This heralds the start of a new cycle for you, when you’re going to look and feel more gorgeous, more in the spotlight, more like you have something worth showing off.

This moon brings an omen to ask about a creative project you’ve been working on. It can also bring good news, and a new start.

The moon shifting out of cancer on this new moon in July means that there is a start arriving in your private life, something is rising up in connection.

Whatever happens will be in your favor.

Card Deck: Moonology by Yasmin Boland

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