Tarot Tuesday


Tarot Card Tuesday


There is a positive shift in your flow of divine support.

Happy Tuesday. Today we continue with world environment week, World environmental education week, and earth week. It is appreciation Tuesday. What is your favorite thing about our environment? What do you love about our earth?

What would you do today on Tuesday? Would it be something involving the environment? Would it make our environment better?

National day calendar and suggest to hang your clothes outside today.

Whether you wash them in water or don’t wash them at all maybe you would like to hang your clean clothes wet or dry outside for fresh air to refreshen your belongings.

These items do not need to be limited to clothing. Fresh air, open the window, go outside and take a few deep breaths.

What can you do? Go for a walk, take a walk in the park, take a walk near the beach? Exploring is available to us. Take notes, share those notes with others. What we notice, and what we take notice of, changes and enhances what we have.

Happy 4-19-2022


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