Saint of the Month March 2022

Saint of the Month March 2022

Maya Deren


She had a unique perspective in understanding metaphysical intelligence, evoking her knowledge throughout many of her films. She believe that art was a way to create and explore experiences of awareness and by using mixtures of techniques, including multiple exposures, sharp editing and clever camera angles, she pioneered a wave of experimental film like no person before her.

She was A poet, photographer, writer, and even a fine choreograph her. That talent drew her to Haiti to study dancing in the rituals of traditional ceremonies.

As a catalyst her energy confronts self doubt and comes nervous energy to clear anxious blocks. She can quiet negative self talk and wrap a field of protection around the aura, allowing want to feel calm and cool under pressure.

Working with boundaries and aesthetic views she can be your best friend.

She can assist with activating the crown and 3rd eye Chakras, enabling visions to break new limits creatively and psychically. She believes in deep meditation. During which she can wrap an energy of heightened magnetic field of positive manifestations around the aura, allowing synchronicity‘s and assistance to occur in your world.

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