Book of the Day 2-6-2022

Book of the Day

2-6-2022 Sunday

Mother God

The feminine principle to our Creator 

author:  Sylvia Browne 

I love this paragraph on the inside cover.

“Using a combination of historical data and poignant and heartwarming stories that reveal the power and miracles attributed to the Mother God, Sylvia leads us from the question of does she exist? To the logical fact based conclusion that She does… and then shows us how to call on Her to help us in our every day lives.”

Page 52

She is the giver of life who pervades the cosmos like a mother bird hovering over the primordial chaos. (Genesis 1:2)

One of my favorite passageways from the book is on page 56 and page 57. There is a beautiful drawing sketched in pencil on page 57. The chapter is Who is Mother God?

“On the Other Side where great Romanesque structures stand, there’s a statue of Her that stands in a high rose garden.  She holds a jeweled sword in Her hand. In stature, she seems to be what we might call a Rubenesque woman. She seems to transgress all races, creeds, and denominations.  She has burnished reddish hair but has also appeared as Asian, black, Indian, Polynesian, and more.

The illustration shows Azna’s multicultural appearance. I see Her as having features that would prompt one to say, I can see myself in Her.  

The following letter from Christine (on page 57) describes what so many people have seen. Azna on the Other Side, dressed beautifully and standing on a stage or in a garden.

I saw a woman standing on an outdoor stage covered with roses. She was so beautiful that I don’t think anyone can ever compare to Her.  The scenery was gorgeous and extremely serene.  The woman was dressed in a light, flowing, beautiful gown that seem to be a fabric not of this world.  She also wore a long blue veil attached to Her hair.  She had the most beautiful smile on Her face, and She had Her arms stretched out towards a crowd of people surrounding the stage.”

Love, Heather 

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