Book of the Day 2-5-2022

Book of the Day

2-5-2022 Saturday

Channeled Messages of Love and Light

The Usher Channeler

Christin Bjergbakke

Page 89

I am the mighty presence, I am within you all. When you acknowledge that the divine presence resides in each of you, you will know that all your needs and desires will be fulfilled. You have to move your consciousness to a place of trust. A place where you feel safe to say out loud all that you are. You are divine presence. You are the earthly image of divine light. 

Acceptance, and all is good. It is when you struggle to understand and control every detail of human life that you fail to proceed and be successful.

When you are afraid of saying out loud that you carry the light inside of you, nobody will know. You have to show your light to the world and start today. Every human being is a vessel of light. Every light matters. Recognize this and change the world.

personal note:  The light that you hold around you allows people to see you for who you are.  You have your own personal light.

Your light is full of your own love.  Love, Heather

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