Rune 2-3-2022

Rune of the day 

The morning of Thursday February 3, 2022



The message:


“Gifts and promises form in the fabric of self and society so we give them and keep them well.”

The Rune itself is close to Mother.

It can signify balance, personal relationships and partnerships, as well as time and even the herb thyme.  It is healing, health and helpful. 

Health, wellness, potions. magi, magic, and nature. 

All are designed for:

Generous gifts, magical exchanges, honor, divine vision, including sacred marriage, Mother and Father God. 

We honor the Universe.  We honor this galaxy and cosmos.  Mulit-Universes and our beautiful history. 

It is used in story telling, in making and creating schedules, as well as other universal inventions. 

Happy Thankful Thursday and February 3rd. 

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