Book of the Day 2-3-2022

Book of the Day

2-3-2022 Thursday 

The Untethered Soul

The journey beyond yourself

Author :  Michael A. Singer

The book includes five parts. Michael mentions the seeds for this book were planted while his assistant was transcribing some of his lectures which led to an encouragement of this book being written. Every book takes dedication. It is more than just a manuscript. It is a collaboration and a co-collaboration.

Part two is titled experiencing energy.

It begins on page 39 with a photo of the reflection nebula in the Pleiades 

The book image gives credit to NASA and the Hubble heritage team.

Chapter 5 page 41.

Infinite energy.

“ consciousness is one of the great mysteries in life. Inner energy is another. It’s actually a shame how little attention the western world pays to the laws of inner energy. We study the energy outside, and give great value to energy resources, but we ignore the energy within. People go about their lives thinking, feeling, and acting, without the understanding of what makes these activities take place.  The truth is, every movement of your body, every emotion you have, and every thought that passes through your mind is an expenditure of energy. Just says everything that happens outside in the physical world requires energy, everything that happens inside requires an expenditure of energy.”

Personal note:  I love this book and how it links to my own writings.

In 2019 and into 2020 I wrote and channeled messages from the other side.  in April 20 20 I compiled those messages into a book and publish them.  Those messages are based on the untethered soul.  

It pays to pay attention.

Love, Heather 

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