Today’s Oracle Card 2-1-2022

Today’s Oracle Card

February 1st, 2022

2-1-2022 Tuesday

Balance spirituality and practicality

Full moon in Pisces moonology card

Today is the first day of February and we are physically still in the wave of the new moon in Aquarius last night.

Today starts the Chinese lunar new year of the water tiger.

Water is the sign of Pisces.

It is a wonderful time to find balance between your responsibility and your dreams. You may meditate on your question and the solutions to your thoughts will now become clear. The Cosmos is here.  It is a sign of new beginnings and freedom.

Many times the tradition is to meditate every day from the new moon until the full moon to manifest your dreams into fruition.  It is the fruitfulness of our labor.

Finding balance is also the reminder to stay grounded while connecting to your dreams.

Your dreams might live in your crown chakra or the soul star chakra. Your dreams could also live in the earth star chakra or your root chakra. It is your head to toe life.

Tigers love living a head to toe life. They love to stay balanced. They are connected to water for life. They enjoy balancing all of the elements within their life.. They also live an intuitive life. Here it specifically connects with Pisces and with water.

Follow your intuition, it will not let you down.

Your dreams are heard.

We want to remind you that you all have soulmates. That means you all have people who love and care about you and who are willing and wanting to help.

Pisces has the availability to symbolize or mark endings and beginnings. it is the end of January. Many traditions believe that the new year begins with the second month of the traditional calendar year.  Believing that the old has ended and the new can now begin.

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