Tarot of the Month February 2022

The Tarot of the Month

February 2022

Six of Coins

The Six of Yellow Roses on the Ray of Dimension with Two Hands of Peace.  Peace, Joy, Love, Friendship, Guidance, Support.

The sixth ray is a ray of devotion, idealism and insight.

This card is traditionally associated with Pisces. 

On the Sixth Ray, one finds in its expression those devotional qualities that keep families together, instill great and small philanthropic gestures, and denote such saintly people as Mother Teresa and St. Francis of Assisi.  The Sixth Ray is also the inspiring force of people for whom the principles of Love, Goodness, Purity of Heart, and Selflessness are living energies and form their way of life.

On the Soul Level, the urge to transform selfish and personal motivation into selfless, impersonal devotion for the good of all, the bringing about of circumstances which reorient the exclusive to the inclusive for the greater expression of Love and wisdom.

For February 2022, it is a month of transition, and transformation focusing on all loving things. 

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