Book of the day 2-1-2022

Book of the Day
2-1- 2022 Tuesday

Soul – Hearted Partnership
by Debra L Rebel

Chapter 5
Cocreating our reality by manifesting intentions

Pages 93 and 94

“ The opportunity to constantly make new choices empowers us to be proactive and shaping our life circumstances. By declaring our intentions and following our hearts, we open ourselves to the possibility of divine synchronicity. And by being a conduit for information from spirit that guides our choices, we become active cocreators of a fulfilling future.”

personal note: there is a sentence that begins the back of the book that can basically sum it up for me, it says happy relationships is the stuff not only of dreams but also a real life.

Love is first and foremost in everything we do and everything we are. We are built including a mind, body, soul, spirit, and heart. And yet we are so much more.
Love, Heather

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