Angel of the Month February 2022

Angel of the Month

February 2022


The angel of mysteries, Raziel views reality with a full knowledge of God and of the Universe. He is a keeper of secrets who see’s the underlying patterns in life, along with new opportunities, time tracks, and possibilities.

As Archangel Raziel is a keeper of the mysteries of life, connecting with Raziel can help enlighten you to greater knowledge and understanding of many of the subtle workings of Creation so you can see beyond the veil and understand that Truth is much different than it often appears to us in physical reality.

Manifestation holds incredible keys to co-creating with the infinite and manifesting blessings of the highest light and spiritual realms in your life.

Accelerating your psychic opening is something he can help you with so that you may experience a profound transformation of inner alchemy to more fully understand the Divine patterning underlying all of life.

Raziel can be a tremendous ally in supporting you in integrating downloads of higher light and awareness in a way you can use and understand. Much of the guidance of Raziel comes in the form of HUGE downloads or packed thoughtforms containing entire dimensions of wisdom and insight. The power in this is when you unpack the downloads and integrate the higher light into your awareness in a way you can understand.

Open up to the 6th ray to begin your search. 

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