Tarot of the Week Sunday January 30th – February 5th Saturday 2022

Tarot of the Week

Sunday January 30th – February 5th Saturday 2022

The Chariot

The Chariot card represents the strength gathered to prepare to jump a great step forward. It shows that we are separating ourselves from the familiar things around to walk our path. The power to control the chariot is the desire to have freedom, ambition, search for a lost paradise, or simply our recognized needs.

The Chariot focuses on the inner self in the meditation posture (Yoga posture). The full power of this card calls for silence beneath a closer examination. However, underneath the stillness, there is still an expression of great potential power. It is a peaceful source of strength accumulated within and around its center, which helps explain the external state of tranquility, the attraction of eternity (concentric circles in context), merging people and their entire activity into the positive plan of creation and obtaining its micro-equivalence in the permanent rotation of the Holy Grail in the mind and in the mind of the God.

The Raven Prophecies

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