Saint of the Week Sunday January 30th – February 5th Saturday 2022

Saint of the Week

Sunday January 30th – February 5th Saturday 2022


Saint Teresa reminds us of the simplicity and potential of seeing life romantically, placing our hearts front and center unafraid and willing to explore the places through love.

Spiritually she teaches us ways to connect with the sacred through words, chants, meditation, and prayer including activating and opening the heart, throat, and third eye chakras. Saint Teresa comes through to those in need of grace and spiritual epiphany.

Saint Teresa shows us grandeur among the mundane by influences of strong connections with the universe through our mind.

She encourages us to become aware of spiritual signs in our daily life to access divine guidance easily and quickly.

When praying to Saint Teresa she signals her energy coming through by presenting you signs in life particularly the appearance of roses.

A Saint Teresa Of Avila’s Prayer

Your wisdom

Be peace within. May today there be peace within.

Guided by You. I may do whatever You require of me.

Let Nothing Disturb You. God alone suffices.

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