Goddess of the Week Sunday January 30th – February 5th Saturday 2022

Goddess of the Week

Sunday January 30th – February 5th Saturday 2022

Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Empress of Protection

I am safe and divinely protected.  I am held in love at all times.

She is the emblem of the uniquely powerful protection of a mother’s love.

Guadalupe draws culture from mainly the French but also from African, East Indian, and West Indian Influences.

Our Lady brings peace and roses.

She is known for the sun, the crescent moon, and the stars of heaven.  She wears bluish green and red with a black broach known for healing.  She often arrives with her hands in prayer. 

This week, think about February and what it means.  The time of the bear emerging from hibernation.  A time of celebrated love.  February means “to purify”.  It is the month of purification.  It is often a transitional time rather than a time of reflection. 

A mother’s love can travel to meet you anywhere, or within your own heart.  You are always taken care of, but the message is to ask for what you need. 

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