Book of day 1-31-2022

Book of the Day

1-31-2022 Monday

Remembering The Light Within 

by Mary and Ronald Hulnick 

Forward: Robert Holden 


“Awakening into the awareness of who you truly are and living your life from within that awakened state is the essence of soul centered living. As the evolutionary tide is rising and larger numbers of people are awakening to the awareness that they are, in fact, divine beings having a human experience, the principles and practices of spiritual psychology provide the context and tools for living into that awareness.  It is, in fact, your destiny to awaken for as you do so you are actually remembering that which is and always has been true.”

Chapter 5

Seeing the loving essence and heart centered listening with others.

page 40

Meditation for seeing with the eyes and listening with the ears of your heart.

“ be still and know that you are love”

personal note:  I love this quote from the book “Can you imagine walking through this world in a consciousness that is awake to love? Wouldn’t that be amazing grace.”

Each chapter of the book includes an intention.

February is heart healthy month.

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