Book of the day 1-30-2022

Book of the Day

1-30-2022 Sunday

Clear Home Clear Heart 

by Jean Haner

Page 205

” The Chinese character for the word TZU, master or sage, is a picture of a dancing child. The character reinforces the idea that the master is one who has returned to origin, someone who is capable of combining the wisdom of experience with the unbroken spontaneous innocence of a child.”

personal note:  This Book is divided into three sections. The first one is personal clearing and contains six chapters, the second one is space clearing and contains five chapters, the third one is activating the power of your compassionate heart and it contains three chapters.

A favorite of mine is chapter 11, final stages of the space clearing. On page 167, there is a lovely suggestion when you are clearing space, to ask if the space is in a clear and balanced state. If the answer is no, you may want to ask is there anything more to clear, or is there something else I can do.  Simple questions are typically best, but you will be guided if and when you should ask more detailed intricate questions, or you will feel if and when you should ask.  When you take the time you will learn to know how this new vibrant energy feels when you take the time to clear space.  Love, Heather 

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