Today’s Oracle Card 1-29-2022

Today’s Oracle Card

January 29th, 2022

1-29-2022 Saturday

The Lady of the Lake 

She is known as the woman who reached out of the water to catch the Excalibur sword. Sometimes she is best known in Celtic mythology.  

She and the sword of Excalibur stands for absolute truth, courage, self-respect, and responsibility.

Do everything with love.

When love shines in sincerity, we value life.

“I carry thee to the waters in strength of my heart and to the shoreline of safety. Within the waters we flow and within my soul I am blessed to touch the earth, to touch the sea, and to touch the safety with my soul.  To touch this glorious heart you have given me bound by the light we reach into our souls to carry us home. We endure the strength as we receive the light that shall never fault as it shows us the way of the shore.”

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