Book of the day 1-28-2022

Book of the Day

1-28-2022 Friday 

The Akashic Records 

by Ernesto Ortiz 

The sacred exploration of your souls journey within the wisdom of the collective consciousness.

Page 101, chapter 14 titled action.

“ action is the creative flow that happens in our lives as a result of the view and meditation. It is like a river flowing effortlessly to the sea. When this type of action starts permeating our lives, increase creativity, energy, and joy or result as well as a greater confidence in who we are. We will be more efficient in the use of our energy, creating a deeper connection with spirit, and the lords of Akasha. It will develop a greater and stronger relationship with the masters in ourselves.”

personal note:  A great question to think about is the art of questioning, and how to formulate questions that can take you deeper.

How to access messages and information and how to use them especially within the physical body, to anchor all information and energy received. How to transform anything not necessary and how to use powerful material that will help in any situation.

The book encourages you to journal, to keep a timeline record of your accomplishments, travels, and personal growth. I’d like to add that the oracle card of the day today is archangel Metatron and the message is to prioritize. To ask for help when needed which surrounds the message of this book Akashic records.. You will have a time record of your journeys. It will help you with your memories, your creations, as well as moving forward..

It will give you something beautiful to look back on and something to inspire you to move forward.  It will show you how far you have come in your journeys and accomplishments. How proud you can be and what you can share with others.

Love, Heather 

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