Book of the day 1-27-2022

Book of the Day

1-27-2022 Thursday

The Book of Secret Wisdom 

Published by Radient Books 

Page 7

Stanza II

“The knowledge of the heart”

13 The Day arrived. The Wheel gradually gained momentum and led human hearts towards knowledge, something the hearts had known for a long time.

Page 35

Stanza IX

“The Era of Wisdom and Beauty”

78 Once more the poets began to speak. Glorifying the kingdom of light, theirs was the song of immeasurable love reigning in the Heavens.. Their hymns to the fire were sung in temples, pouring forth directly from hearts.

personal note:  This Book contains twelve stanzas from the book of Dzyan

This book includes love and the solar system.

It also includes a wonderful glossary of many words and definition.  Love, Heather 

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