Today’s Oracle Card 1-26-2022

Today’s Oracle Card 

January 26th, 2022

1-26-2022 Wednesday 



Today is the planet Venus. And it is involved in business as well as businesses. We are here for personal partnerships with each other and the planets. We are here for a harmonious life. Nature is for nature and not for money and paper. Our hearts blossom together and not against each other.

Personal freedom means freedom for all.

Today regards and resolves money, profits, bargaining, and negotiating.

The abundantly prosperous and infinitely loving divine goddess Venus delight and guiding you in your business and money making matters. As a goddess of love and relationships, she affirms that at the heart of all success in business, you’ll find good relationships between people who trust one another.

She points you to new levels of mastery in applying love an order to create the most advantageous business partnerships possible.

She wants to move you past any resistance to her garden of earthly abundance and learn the art of creating prosperity and success. With her assistance, you will find that you genuinely love what you are doing professionally and have a new appreciation for those you work with. It is a win-win approach to business that will empower your efforts and soon you will find yourself in a state of grace where it comes to succeeding on every plane.

With Venus as your guide and divine mentor you will be guided to the right place at the right time and be blessed with the right ideas to create a successful outcome for all. Let your heart be as generous as possible in your work and approach it as an art who is creations you delight in.

Business is an art which you can master if you work from the heart and work with love.

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