Tarot of the Week January 23rd-29th 2022

Tarot of the Week

Sunday January 23rd – 29th Saturday 2022

Princess of Cups

Fourth and Final week of January

From the cosmic tarot cards

The chariot and eight of swords are paired with this message.

Here a woman sits, she is thoughtful, hands folded, peering over a golden cup.

The theme of the week is the color blue.

Princess is the number 11 card of cups.  A young woman with a lily holds her hand over a cup in a protective gesture. She may be sentimental, pensive, thoughtful, quiet, tender, romantic, kind, gentle, dreamy, sensitive, or focused.

She wears teardrop earrings and a diamond headband.

The lily is a symbol of caring and devotion.

The intention of the cosmic tarot is to make the old knowledge accessible and understandable to everyone by using a few secret symbols.  This is a Dignified Week.  A week to feel Feminine love, manifestations, the fluidity of water, and to know intelligence. 

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