Saint of the Week January 23rd-29th January

Saint of the Week

Sunday January 23rd – 29th Saturday 2022

William Blake

number 36

creative channel

Mystic of the ancient days

He was an English poet painter and rebellious visionary and England during the romantic age…

Of the 18th century

Independent, on his own, focusing on an ambitious exploration of spiritual and theological mysteries through yogis.

Known as a Kabbalist he is of Christian mystics and science.

Sometimes a Gothic art style as modern and important, during his time he would question and challenge the reigning orthodoxy of church state and industries through his art.

His artistic work continues to influence culture and history.

His work encourages us to question our world and work guiding us to lift our Clair senses, and explore greater depths of reality and our place in the creative color.

He encourages equality, and helps us to see beyond the system into the greater fabric of life that connects us all.

He works with the throat and third eye chakra‘s. Which activated together, clears the channel for creativity and artistry. Psychic abilities and the powerfulness of divine Claire cognizance encourages positive zones and practices where you can masters things. 

Fashion, the Saint, and Gabriel.  Tailoring is important, as well as cleanliness.  

Fitted suits, pin striped fitted dress shirts, bronze tie, soft material, tie matches the pants, beautiful dresses, rings, and a perfectly groomed beard. 

Style, Candles, Mystic Mystery, Ireland, Greenery Mid evil times and era, Mid-evil Ireland, Archangel Michael, the Star Nation Fortok are part of the Creative Channel. 

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