Rune reading 1-26-2022


January 26th, 2022 Wednesday

Tiwaz or Tyr The sky god.  To know where one’s true strength lies, one must now honor, justice, and leadership. The self of victory is successful in any competition.  

Father sky

Dagaz or D meaning day or Dawn. There is a breakthrough, an awakening, and an awareness. Daylight brings clarity to the day as twilight brings clarity to the night.  Often times at 9 PM the power of change is directed by either your own will or the will of God.

You may see the ideal hope or happiness built with security and certainty. Remember to balance the growth and release point at a place where opposites meet.

Gebo or G meaning Gift 

Gifts mean balance both in the sense of sacrifice and of generosity. All matters in relation to exchanges are personal partnerships.

The Dagaz as the middle stone means a completion, an ending, and a coming of full circle.. Or a full circle coming to an end.

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