Goddess of the Week January 23rd-29th 2022

Goddess of the Week

Sunday January 23rd – 29th Saturday 2022


Goddess guidance oracle cards

The colors: yellow and blue.

Kali her is with the colors blue and red.

There is a Red lotus and  an Illumination of the whole universe.

Her name means time.

She has a brother named Durga.

Kali works with the Eagle and communicates with the Great Spirit.  She lives where the air is clean and the movement is free.

The message: We drop into a more organic way of being.

We more easily sense our intuitive instincts. Rather than living according to any rules, we listen.  

Between the ‘ego’ trying to push things to happen, and our intuition telling us to take a leap of faith, we may ask questions.

The answer may be that you just know. You didn’t overthink it and therefore didn’t worry about it.  A movement is felt like the ocean. There are times when the pass is only a leap of faith, and that leap of faith is the only thing that is going to get you to the next level. Experience, wisdom, and instinct lead you to astonishing migration.  When we worry, things are not intuitive.  We rest upon an ocean of wisdom.

Believe in every day miracles

Kali uses, Solar orbs,  Burnt orange jewelry, and Forehead energy.

She has a sister Amethyst.  And amethyst is a jewel of hers.

Solar rings and halos around the sun, red and white nose chakra, Arcturian association, and Endings and beginnings “the old must be released so that the new can enter “

The Milky Way, her brothers Odin and Zadkiel.  Teaching and learning with paper. 

She has a share within the Universe. 

The idea is to think Galactic this week. 

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