Today’s Oracle Card 1-18-2022

Today’s Oracle Card

January 18th, 2022



Divine Intervention

God sends miracles to answer sincere prayers.

Prayers from multiple areas and multiple people have been heard and are being answered. 

Keep the mind sober. 

Divine Intervention also means Divine Invention.

What is coming your way is a form of divine alignment in many forms.  You will be pleased. 

This is a message on appreciation Tuesday from the crystal angels.  Crystals are a part of the elementals, nature beings. 

Gold is soft, warm, and transformable.  It is a component associated with asteroids in the galaxy. 

It is similar to copper and associated with azurite and malachite.  It is symbolic of a divine amplifier of prayers.  And like azurite and malachite, of intentions.  It is a sign to reconnect within. 

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