Book of the day 1-17-2022

Book of the Day


Earth Magic

by Steven D. Farmer

page 45

“There’s a basic foundation for doing Earth Magic, or for that matter, any kind of spiritual healing, which isn’t to be taken lightly.  To access such incredible power and use it for healing requires all practitioners to heed certain guidelines of behavior and also do their best to exemplify the qualities that are important for spiritual healing.”

Chapter 5

personal note:  The main theme of the book is Do No Harm.  I purchased this book from a specialty gemstone shop in regards to healing this planet.  Earth magic contains spirit animals, power animals, animal magic and shamanism.  I found particular interest in Chapter 22 and beyond until the end of the book, including the Afterword.  Starting on page 245 there are lovely blessing ceremonies.  Love, Heather   

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