Today’s Oracle Card 1-16-2022

Today’s Oracle Card

January 16th, 2022



Whenever you focus on something with loving thoughts and the best intentions you bring those dreams into reality.  If you are working on bringing something to fruition at this time whether it be a project, an opportunity, or even a miracle, this card lets you know that it is unfolding before your eyes.  It is very important to stay elevated at this time and focus on positive energy, blessings, and the positive events that are happening around you, as you are a magnet to even more blessings into the world.  

You are one with the universe and have the ability to manifest incredible experiences and opportunities.

Your energy is aligned with pure potential and it is important to know that everything you focus on now is going to grow, adapt, and expand in line with your energy field.

Reminder that the moon is in cancer today and is full tomorrow.

Be open and receptive as the universe is offering you guidance, abundance, support and healing, the requirements are based on your current situation.

Recognize the incredible gifts and support that are available to you now and allow the power of the universe to be within you. 

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